Invitations…decisions decisions…




So…I have been perusing wedding invitations for the last few days…I am trying to get a sense of exactly what I want and let me tell you there are millions of invitations out there!! We are still trying to decide if we want to add much color to our vow renewal or if we want to keep it classic ivory/black/ a hint of silver. I am so completely in love with the idea of a vintage 20’s Gatsby style celebration….I just don’t know quite enough about it yet to make final decisions on things like invitations and flowers. I did stumble upon a really amazing website though




This is kind of what I think I am looking for. I do know I intend to have antique brooches scattered through my bouquet. This type of invitation would carry that theme along nicely!

Welcome to our vow renewal blog!!

My husband and I are planning a small vow renewal for December of 2014 and this is where I will be posting updates, ideas, and my own personal feelings and touches to what will hopefully be a very meaningful and memorable celebration of our strength as a couple…let the planning and the romance begin!